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So are we a team now? - SUITS Fic Recs

SUITS! Seriously. Watch it. ♥ It's already hard to find awesome fic, but there are a couple of gems out there already.



A Continuance (Is Not a Stay of Execution) | shinymessoyay | PG |
After a dinner party for the clients, Mike and Harvey encounter someone neither of them wants to see.

Caveat Quaestor | maja_li | R |
Mike has a tattoo. Harvey needs to know what it is.

Communications Delay | maja_li | PG-13 |
Harvey and Mike leave each other silly voicemails; shenanigans and revelations ensue.

Continental Drift | pidgeoned | PG-13 |
Harvey and Mike mismanage a relationship they didn't even know they were in.

Disturbing the Peace | grim_lupine | NC-17 |
Harvey has a new strategy for dealing with this thing that isn’t really a thing, because it’s not like it’s planned or regular or something he’s attached to in any way (though he has to admit that this can’t happen again is a resolution that hasn’t exactly held): just don’t talk about it.

Extracurricular Overtime | [personal profile] MidKnight2501 | NC-17 |
Was it the scotch that made them do it? Was it?

Getting It | o_contrary | R |
For all Harvey’s lectures on getting it, it’s possible he’s missing a few things himself.

Grande Soy Triple Dirty Chai | friskaz | NC-17 |
Harvey is a lawyer. Mike is the only barista that gets his coffee order right, and isn't afraid of a bit of intelligent and snarky banter.

Soft Features | scribblinlenore | NC-17 |
What if Mike had worn drag to cheat on the LSATs? What if he'd gotten caught?

Sweet Thang | maja_li | R |
Mike hates buying stuff for himself. Harvey, on the other hand, loves it.

Trust Graded on a Curve | black_eyedgirl | PG-13 |
Harvey asked for Mike’s loyalty, but doesn’t know what to do with it now he has it. Mike wants someone to trust, but can’t see what Harvey’s offering. Louis manages to takes advantage of both of those things, but only for a little while.

You Make Me Feel Like... | sharpisignature | PG |
Jessica sends Mike to work with one of the other attorney's at the firm for a week and for the first time since he's started at Pearson Hardman. How does Harvey cope? If other people (Donna et al) notice he's a little off because of it, I would love you forever.

More to come.... ♥
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