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Sparks Fly - My Hart of Dixie Zoe/Wade Fic Recs

Why? Because they are an adorable combo of snark and banter. ♥ And everyone should watch Hart of Dixie. It's got southern accents, shirtless men and harlequin romances.


Gimme That Hummingbird Heartbeat | [personal profile] ten.years.only.with.you | PG-13 |
It's not like he thinks that they compliment each other or anythin'.

Some Kind of Doctoring | [personal profile] hariboo_smirks | PG-13 |
Zoe finds herself with bout of the flu that has swept the town. Normally, she hates asking people for help, but the thing with Wade and Lavon is that they didn't even get asked they just help.

You Are Cordially Invited | [personal profile] meretricula | PG-13 |
"If only I'd known when I was applying to medical school that my mother was right and it would only matter if I managed to find a man to marry me!" Zoe ranted. "I'm a woman past thirty-five and I'm not married, I must not be a real doctor! Clearly my years of study and medical practice mean nothing compared to my good repute as a qualification to actually practice medicine in this stupid town!"

Tags: fandom :: hart of dixie, fanfiction recs, pairing :: zoe/wade
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