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you little slut - my being human aidan/josh fic recs

I will probably get scoffed at for liking the Syfy's version of Being Human more that the original, but I do. And that's probably due to Sam Witwer. Who was the soul reason I started watching Smallville again after giving up on it in disgust. But I do, I am shameless with my love for the show. And to the haters, I have watched the original but as much as I enjoy it, I fangirl over Mark Pellegrino, Sam Worthington and Sam Witwer though some parts are incredibly lame, I know. And the best part is, I love Aidan and Josh. They are adorkable. Josh runs around with vapours while Aidan just sits on the couch and reads the paper. I love their couply moments. I just wish there was more fics with 'em...


Newtonian | guest_age | NC-17 |
Josh finds out about Rebecca and gives Aidan an ultimatum. Luckily for them both, Aidan knows how to solve both of their problems at once.

The Word of Your Body | guest_age | NC-17 |
Their best communication happens when they're not using words.

Compelling | guest_age | R |
Sincere talking, like actual communication? Has never exactly been their strong suit.

Need | guest_age | R |
Josh hasn't had a relationship since he was cursed and he's not going to start now.

Eager | guest_age | NC-17 |
It's not a question of if Josh wants to play house. It's a question of if he can actually let himself love Aidan.

Tall, Dark, and Deadly | selune2 | R |
PROMPT: Aidan is struggling to keep his feelings for Josh to himself. Unfortunately, a new guy from work is posing a threat of taking Josh away from him. Normally it wouldn't be a big deal, but the new guy is an alpha werewolf and he happens to want Josh to be his beta.

Better Dead Than Red | selune2 | R |
The morning after, and the morning after that.

Track You Down Among the Pine-Sol | selune2 | R |
In which Josh freaks out, for perfectly valid reasons.

To Chase The Moon Across The Sky | selune2 | NC-17 |
Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, love will find a way.

The True Spirit of Joshing | nonky | NC-17 |
Josh's existential crisis was really taking a toll – on his roommates.

More to come.... ♥
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