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Groped by an Angel - My Supernatural Dean/Castiel Fic Recs


Negotiating with Terrorists (and Other Post-Apocalyptic Adventures) | pyrebi | PG-13 |
Castiel tries to settle the angelic ranks, Dean tries to live a normal life, Sam tries to not actually exist, and a gaggle of dead hunters tries to take over Heaven. There are varying levels of success.

Sam is a Genius (Everyone is Dumb) | peroxide_fic | PG-13 |
Dean is doing stuff. Castiel is getting stuff done to him. It seems like the only one who understands what “stuff” actually means is Sam. Sometimes it’s hard being the smart one.

Getting Lucky in Kentucky | cloudyjenn | PG-13 |
Wherein sleeping arrangements are awkward, Sam teaches Castiel to masturbate and Dean finds out what to do with your angel when he’s not really an angel anymore.

Fire of Heaven | trinityofone | R |
Five years after her run in with Azazel, Mary Winchester makes another deal.

The Soul Piece | cloudyjenn | PG |
When a human child is born, their soul is shattered into bright gleaming pieces that scatter to the winds.

The First Year | cloudyjenn | PG-13 |
When Castiel leaves after Lucifer's defeat, all he asks is that Dean wait for him. So that's exactly what Dean does.

Every Word a Piece of My Heart | smilla840 | NC-17 |
The war is over and Jimmy is finally free to go back to his family. Everything should be perfect – then why isn’t it?

The Cold of Flesh and Stone | entangled_now | NC-17 |
"Maybe I'm sick of spending Christmas elbow deep inside something's intestines, or standing in a grave somewhere in the freezing cold waiting for bones to burn."

Creature of Habit | trinityofone | PG-13 |
The more you love someone, the more you want to kill them. Or: How Cas developed some bad habits, and Dean coped surprisingly well.

Public Enemy #1 | sparky77 | PG |
"Listen," Sam says patiently. "If someone has to rule Hell, shouldn't it at least be someone we like?"

Bubble, What Bubble? (Or, Six People Who Wish Dean and Castiel Would Catch A Clue) | kira_bouviea | PG-13 |
“When Castiel came into the story, Chuck had no idea how much harder his job had just gotten.” Six different perspectives on Dean and Castiel’s oblivious nature and two people who really need to be smacked with a clue-by four.

Bing Crosby's Pennies From Heaven | twentysomething | PG-13 |
Sam always asks inappropriate, poorly-timed questions, so what comes out of his mouth doesn't exactly surprise himself. "Where were you?"

The (Mostly Accidental) Courtship of Dean Winchester | [personal profile] everysecondtuesday | R |
Angelic marriage rites were never intended to go quite like this.

Your Apple Pie Suburban Hell Happily Ever After | [personal profile] everysecondtuesday | R |
In which Becky and Dean search for Chuck and Sam, Castiel discovers a love of milkshakes, Sam regrets being a good Samaritan, and Lucifer is still entirely too interested in Sam's body for Sam's peace of mind.

In the Tribe (Or, How Castiel and Dean Acquired the Pet Names Peanut and Crackerjack, Respectively) | seraphwings | G |
Castiel, it turns out, is an avid baseball fan.

Something About Toads | pyrebi | PG-13 |
There's something about a toad, and about a purple moon, and about a gay freakout, and then there's the happy ending.

How to Romance a Human | cloudyjenn | PG-13 |
Castiel consults Cosmopolitan magazine in order to win Dean's heart.

The Demon In The Tubes | ksock | PG-13 |
Team Free Will gets stuck in the internet.

Anything Worth Dying For | waldorph | NC-17 |
It's the apocalypse, and this is the Book of Chuck.

That Day Castiel Got Turned Into A Robin | maychorian, tahirire, autumn_lilacs, just_ruth, fhionnuiscetine, maharet83, mrstotten & earthquakedream | PG |
That day Castiel got turned into a robin...

This Story Needs More Power Ballads | pyrebi | PG-13 |
In which Dean has an angelic boyfriend and Sam is a better brother than anyone gives him credit for.

The Girlfriend Experience | rageprufrock | R |
While it's not like Dean hasn't had a couple of truly regrettable hit-and-runs in his sexual history, this is probably the saddest fucking thing that has ever happened to him.

The Request | cloudyjenn | PG-13 |
When Sam Winchester prays for his brother, Castiel is finally sent on his very first assignment. But what should be a simple love match turns into much more and Castiel finds himself risking everything to ensure the happiness of his extremely frustrating charge.

Serpent and Staff | trinityofone | PG |
One morning, Castiel wakes up in Jimmy Novak’s bed, in Jimmy Novak’s life.

And I Will Walk On Water | tracy | NC-17 |
In which the end isn't really an end at all.

Splinching People, Cursing Things | [personal profile] whynot | PG |
Three times Cas was an utter dorkwad at Hogwarts, and one time he wasn't.

Meant To Be Known | evening_bat | R |
Dean offends the locals and by his actions their patron god, Castiel thus must be sacrificed for atonement. Castiel doesn't actually care about the townspeople that much but he likes Dean and decides to keep him.

Bone Angel | luchia13 | PG-13 |
When Dean was little, his mother would tell him the little angel figurine would take care of him. (A very Supernatural retelling of Vasilisa the Beautiful).

BNF | bmouse | PG-13 |
The rise and intersections of two accidental BNFs...

Man's Best Friend | whreflections | PG |
Castiel is a star with a high position among the luminaries when he is accused of murder. After being cast out of the skies by Uriel and Raphael, he's sentenced to live as a dog on earth until he can find the murder weapon and return it...or until he dies. Lucky for him, Dean happens to find him in Bobby's junkyard.

I Think I Know Where You Belong | [personal profile] twentysomething | PG-13 |
Castiel wishes he wasn't this excited, but it's the best part of his night when Dean Winchester gets home from baseball practice.

Twitterpated | fledmusic | PG-13 |
Castiel insists that Dean and Sam start using twitter as a means of communication (seriously).

Hard-Loving Loser | tracy | PG-13 |
When all of Dean's attempts to tell Sam about his relationship with Castiel fail, Crowley decides to lend a hand.

Two Times Dean Thinks He Told Sam About Castiel and the One Time He Didn't Have To | bellajayd | R |
Cas channels Chuck Norris, Dean decides his butt is angelic catnip, Sam is confused.

Graveyard Talks | izazov | PG-13 |
Castiel coming to the rescue during a hunt gone wrong.

Cas + Dean 4Ever | [personal profile] everysecondtuesday | NC-17 |
Dean finds a diary that is like the worst "Do you like me, y/n?" letter in history, Sam helps Castiel with one of the most ill-conceived plans ever, and Ruby is highly amused by everything.

Right of Conquest | luchia13 | NC-17 |
Lucifer takes a personal interest in Castiel, Dean takes a personal interest in Castiel, Castiel feels his faith wavering, and a white horse waits to run.

Chocolate Gash Tortoise | maychorian | PG-13 |
Mysterious pastries begin to appear. Dean is delighted. Sam is not.

Good Things Do Happen | trinityofone | PG |
A Winchester Family Christmas, 2010. AKA, Best zombie Christmas ever!

Things Dean Winchester Loves | [personal profile] everysecondtuesday | R |
Castiel makes a list, Sam gives good advice, and Dean takes a while to catch on.

The Dead Dean Clause | vichan | PG-13 |
Sam drinks himself insane, Dean is drunk and belligerent, and Castiel learns how to lie. But it's still happy. Really.

Bragging Rights | the_ninth_bow | PG-13 |
Despite the fact that Castiel has spent the last few months fighting the apocalypse alongside Dean and Sam, he still doesn't quite understand the human need for humor until he's caught in the middle of a battle of practical jokes between the brothers.

The Five Year Plan | commodoresexual | PG-13 |
It was, and it would be called after that with great irony and some affection and dead seriousness a time or two, The Plan.

The Freaky Box Thing | cloudyjenn | PG-13 |
A freaky box thing steals people's memories and then some stuff happens.

Peanut Butter-Pumpkin Wedding Cake | sparseparsley | NC-17 |
The good ones are sometimes assholes and always taken.

Below Skyscrapers | aesc | R |
"Castiel, this is Detective Winchester," Bobby's saying, voice rough and real. It's a distraction, although a brief one, the angel glancing at him before studying Dean again with that same silent intensity. "He'll be on the Circle Murders too."

Close Encounters | [personal profile] scaramouche | R |
It's the same old story: boy meets space alien, boy sleeps with space alien, boy's brother is mortified.

Dream As If You'll Live Forever | commodoresexual | NC-17 |
Cas hasn't spoken a word to anyone in years and is a drifter who works various odd jobs to finance himself. Dean is a guy with a violent temper who grew up in foster care and has just gotten out of prison for a stupid judgment call. The two cross paths in a pay-by-the-week boarding house run by an eccentric older couple.

SG-5 | ravensilverwing | NC-17 |
There were some things Dean accepted about his job. Some things that just came with the territory. Awesome pay, no hours in which to spend it. Constant danger, lots of opportunities to shoot the bad guys. Who weren't always human and therefore didn't come with moral issues. Saving the girl, not being able to get with the girl. Off world regulations sucked. But he's pretty sure being stalked by a holy tax accountant isn't part of the package. He's tempted to check his contract, but despite the fact it contains many and varied crazy things, he's pretty sure accepting a tax accountant stalker, is not one of them.

Last One Out Hits The Lights | entangled_now | NC-17 |
After they stop a plot to tear open a hole straight to hell, the Winchesters face more trouble when zombies start rising from their graves across the country. Bobby calls all hands on deck and Sam and Dean, along with an angel, a mess of out-numbered hunters, and a very reluctant prophet of the Lord, have to try and save the world. Or go down in flames with it.

Browser History | entangled_now | PG-13 |
In which Sam does another sort of research, and Dean is amused. Beginning of the Fourth Wall 'verse.
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